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Pruvit Keto OS Review

Pruvit Keto OS is Pruvit’s most popular exogenous ketone supplement which contains the BHB salts. These salts help you in maintaining ketosis and also speeds up the results. Studies suggest that our bodies produce ketones naturally when the body is in carb-restricted fastening state only. Exogenous ketones are used to get you into ketosis even faster. They trick your body and make it think that it is already in a ketosis state.

It is a convenient supplement which comes in a powder form so that you can carry it wherever you go. All you have to do is add 12-16oz, shake it well and you are ready to take 50ccs of ketones. This supplement will mimic the ketones your body produces naturally and helps you in getting ketosis even faster. This convenient product comes in very delicious flavors such as:-

Chocolate Swirl

Chocolate Swirl

Orange Dream

Orange Dream


KETO OS MAX Supplement

Studies show that keto helps you in reducing body weight and BMI. The company is claiming that this supplement improves everything in your body such as

  • It sharpens your focus
  • It helps boost your immune system
  • It helps you in achieving weight loss goals

What are the Benefits of Pruvit Keto//OS?

Pruvit Keto Benefits

It is the main question which comes in everyone’s mind so here I am sharing some of the core benefits you can get from this amazing product. This supplement is the perfect blend of mineral salts, caffeine, MCT oil, and BHB. This is the reason due to which it ensures instant energy. When you give extra ketones to your body, it provides a great boost to your body’s natural production.

Some of the main benefits which the company is claiming are as follows:-

  • It helps you to get ketosis faster:- It is not an easy task to get into ketosis and stay there because it really is tough. When you get some extra help, it really boosts your motivation so, getting an extra kick of ketones will do the trick. This extra dosage will help you in staying there and it will also help you in maintaining ketosis. No doubt, getting some extra help provides a big boost to most of the dieters.

Another thing which you should keep in mind is that, if you are not on a ketogenic diet already, this supplement will not help you. This is not a product which will quickly fix your dieting issues.


  • Provides a boost to your fat burning capabilities:- The best diet you can take is low carbs instead of low fat as it will burn the stubborn fats from your body. This is a proven fact that anything, which will help you in getting ketosis, will definitely be of great help in burning fat faster. Exogenous ketones are a proven formula which will control your food cravings and as a result, you will not rush to the kitchen for food. A study claims that ketone supplements will decrease your hunger by up to 50%.


  • Provides great help in fighting off the keto flu:- Majority of the people suffer from keto flu in early days. Pruvit is claiming that the perfect mix of BHB and mineral salts will help fight off the keto flu. When you are trying to achieve ketosis, your body will resist and you will experience fatigue, dizziness along with trips to the bathroom which surely will be unpleasant. The main reason is that your body is getting energy from carbohydrates since your first day in the world and you are changing this relation.

There is nothing to worry about because there are certain ways which help your body with the transition. It is best to not only add certain keto supplements which will fight off the keto flu but also add more water to your daily routine. You can also add sodium, potassium, and magnesium which will help you in fighting the side effects.


  • Provides an increase in endurance:-No doubt, the effects of keto on endurance can’t be denied. It is a proven fact that high-performance athletes trained much harder, longer and better when they are on keto. Ketone supplements work in a way that they reduce blood lactic acid along with glycogen levels. They slow the speed of muscle breakdown and gives you an extra push and as a result, you will train longer and harder. It is a proven fact that if you’re in a mood to get faster and excellent results in the gym, getting an extra dosage of caffeine and extra ketones will be of great help.


  • Improves your brain health and gives clarity of mind:-The positive effects of a ketogenic diet on the brain are numerous and proven. Some of them are written below:-


  1. It helps in treating epilepsy
  2. It produces decanoic acid which improves the behavior of kids suffering from neurological disorders
  3. Studies show that it improves the memory in rats having Alzheimer disease
  4. Company is claiming that their supplement will increase your focus and you will have clarity of mind
  5. Your brain will function better because of more energy for your body

“The developing examination that is simply beginning to turn out will show that ketone bodies are a favored fuel that the mind will use instead of glucose.”

Jessica Baxter

My personal experience of Pruvit Keto OS

My friend suggested me this product and because of him, I used it and it delivered me good results. The benefits I got from this supplement are stated below:-

  • I got extra energy which made me feel better and as a result, I got more pumped in the gym
  • I didn’t suffer from keto flu
  • I was more focused

This supplement really delivers most of it claims but if you are thinking that it is a cure-all supplement, then it is not right. To get the best results, you have to put the effort into your diet as well as in the gym. Without putting an effort, you will get nothing. I was so sharp and because of it, I was so much mentally focused.

“You can’t do this midway – you must be all in!”

Vivian Hoover

Decision: You can anticipate an additional knock to your eating regimen and exercise center outcomes, yet I could manage without the gentle symptoms and mediocre taste (more on that below).

Other People’s Results: Keto//OS Before and After

You don’t need to trust me. Everybody’s body is exceptional and we are all on keto in various ways. What works for me probably won’t work for you and the other way around.

There are in reality a great deal of motivating stories out there from Pruvit Keto OS clients:

Janet’s 10-Day Experience

Janet was a great deal like a large number of us: Keto Monday-Friday? Simple. Be that as it may, at that point the end of the week came around and trips with her significant other and evenings out with companions disrupted the general flow.

Subsequent to utilizing Keto//OS Max, she dropped 8 lbs.

“My outcomes were stunning and I felt my stamina expanded.”

Chasity – Muffin Top to Muffin Topless

Pruvit Keto Results

Chasity began drinking ketones day by day in January of 2017. Following 3 months she was more joyful all around, fit as a fiddle, and increasingly engaged throughout everyday life.

Stories like hers are ending up progressively normal. Our run of the mill diet is loaded with carbs, making us torpid and, well, out and out fat.

Eat right. Feel better. It’s as basic as that.

“It smothers my hunger, gives me vitality in the rec center, and vitality to play shoreline volleyball throughout the day. It truly helped me get in shape.”

Brandon Lost 45 lbs

Here’s one for the boys.

Brandon took Keto//OS for 250 days and lost 45 lbs. He goes similarly as saying “Hello, you possibly know whether it works for you or not on the off chance that you attempt.”

He’s correct. Do the examination for yourself and perceive how it affects you. Or then again, you know, simply continue reading my own encounters!

Those are some genuine outcomes! Great job, Brandon.

Pruvit Keto Weight Loss

Joe Rogan

Joe is one of the world’s most well-known podcasters and superstar faces. He resembles a keto-evangelist nowadays.

He’s an enormous advocate of eating low-carb, high-fat. His primary way of thinking is simply straight science and rationale: in the event that you eat better, you feel better normally. He’ll go in ketosis at regular intervals when he’s attempting to get back fit as a fiddle.

“The huge contrast, with carbs, I experience irritation. More soreness, exhaustion, insulin crash… every one of the components that don’t occur when I eat high fat, low carb.”


Joe Rogan

Ingredients of Pruvit Keto OS

Pruvit Keto OS Ingredients

The ingredients of this amazing product are as follows:-

  • BHB Salts
  • L-taurine
  • Fermented L-leucine
  • Citric Acid
  • Xanthan Gum
  • AC-11
  • Stevia

The core ingredient of this product comes in a patent-pending blend known as N8  bioavailability blend.

Flavors I can choose from?

Pruvit Keto OS Flavors


This is one of the best things that Pruvit has multiple versions of Keto//OS with a good choice of flavors. It was very difficult to stomach keto supplements but thanks to the company, it is offering us a few flavors which made it very easy for us to take these keto supplements.

The varieties you can get are Keto//OS, Keto OS Max and Keto OS Nat. all of these come in a few flavors so that you can choose your own way. I tried all of them and few of them are too sweet but you can always add some water to fix it.

Keto OS

Let’s first discuss the Keto OS which comes in the following flavors:-

  • Orange Dream: it contains MCT and tastes like a creamsicle. This is the best choice for those who have a sweet tooth. When I tried it, I had to water it down.
  • Chocolate Swirl: who doesn’t like chocolate? When you mix it with ice coffee, it tastes best.

Keto OS Max

  • Maui Punch: this is another flavor which is solid but I had to add more water to this fruit punch flavor.
  • Swiss Cacao: I don’t know why but it tastes like chocolate. I was expecting much from this flavor but couldn’t get it.


  • Splash: the flavor tastes like summer fun and is specially made for tropical fruit lovers.
  • Raspberry Lemonade: it is a refreshing flavor which is complete with shades of lemon. The flavor is amazing and because of it, it was on the second slot of my list.


What is the taste of Keto OS?

Generally, the taste of the supplement was good. If I had to rate the taste of the product on a scale of 10, it was definitely a 7. There is always a choice of betterment so I mix it with cream or ice coffee to make it more amazing.

When you talk about my favorite, it was definitely Chocolate Swirl. It was the only flavor which blew me away. It was like a trip to the chocolate factory. If you want to know about some disadvantages, the one and only was that it contains extra carbs.

Perfect keto Taste

Comparison of Pruvit and Perfect Keto

Perfect keto

Both the products are good and OS delivers most of its promises but if I have to choose 1, I would go for Perfect Keto. It’s not an easy call to make but for the following their main reasons, I will choose Perfect Keto:-


  • Taste:- If you compare the taste, no doubt Pruvit tastes good but when you talk about Perfect Keto, it’s marvelous. Due to its amazing taste, I am looking forward to taking it another time.
  • Price:- Price is also the main cause of selecting Perfect Keto because Keto//OS is not much economical. Whereas Perfect Keto delivers better results for less.
  • Nutritional Value:- Perfect Keto has a minimum number of carbs and calories.



Below I am sharing frequently asked questions about the product with the answers.

Are there any dangers to Keto OS?

No, there are no proven dangers but it is recommended to first consult with your physician before starting any of the diets.

If you are doing it wrong, you will probably experience some downsides like stomach disorders, severe dehydration and vitamin deficiencies.

To avoid all of these issues, it is best to consult with your trusted physician. From my personal experience, if you add vitamins, magnesium, potassium, sodium and drink a lot of water, you will be more than fine.

What are the side effects of Pruvit Keto?

There are no such permanent side effects but the side effects which you experience in the early days are dizziness, fatigue, symptoms of keto flu and stomach aches.

People also experience some nasty breaths but all these effects are just for the starting days. When you talk about myself, I didn’t experience any. Everyone’s experience is quite different as you can experience one if this is your first time or you are trying to achieve it after some time.

If you are looking for some long term side effects, there are none because all these will vanish after some time. It is important for people who are suffering from diabetes to not use ketone supplement because it will lower the blood sugar levels.

For how long Keto OS will stay in your system?

For how long Keto OS will stay in your system, it all depends on a number of factors. These factors include your diet and the level of physical activity. It is a proven fact that the higher the BHB level in your system, the less time it will take to fall.

But the effects of these exogenous supplements vary from person to person. If you are exercising, they deplete faster because your body uses ketones for fuel. If you are looking for the best way to measure the ketone levels, try using measuring tools which include urine and breath.

What is the cost of Keto OS?

The cost of Keto OS is quite much because of its effectiveness, convenience as well as the taste. If you compare it with other products in the market, the price of this supplement is definitely on the higher side. But if you compare it with the results, the price is worth it.

The negative thing is, the price of this product varies from store to store and it really is an annoying thing. It really is not the product you should start if you have a strict budget.

Will Keto OS put you into Ketosis?

Definitely yes. But it only puts you into ketosis if you use it right. The theory is that, when you are fasting, your body will produce ketones. When you take this supplement, it will trick your body that you are in a fasting state and as a result, ketosis triggers in your body.

But if you are looking to experience the wonders and considering it the product which will put you alone into ketosis, then I am afraid, it won’t. It is best to eat alternative keto desserts rather than go for mouthwatering ice cream.

Exogenous ketones are the supplement which has everything to enhance your keto diet experience. They also provide you with great help in achieving better results. They also provide you a bit of room to eat carbs. But as mentioned earlier, it won’t put your body into ketosis alone and if you are taking carbs, your body will use them for energy.

Does this product have caffeine?

Keto OS has the caffeine but when you talk about the regular version, it doesn’t have any. I experience extra energy whenever I take it which helps me have a good focus. It also helps me going harder in the gym because it boosts my stamina.

If you don’t want any sort of caffeine, you shouldn’t try CHARGED version.

How to Use Keto OS Perfectly?


A number of people know how to take BHB supplements properly but for those people, who don’t know how to take them properly, I am sharing everything for you guys.

The step by step guide on how to take KETO OS:-


  • Use the product twice a day. For the best results, use it twice a day and maintain almost 6-7 hours in between. Take one pill in the morning and another one in the afternoon.
  • Keep yourself hydrated all day long. This is among the core part for the process as it is very important to keep you started
  • Mitigate unnecessary things from your daily routine. To get the results faster, eliminate refined sugars, flour, wheat as well as grains from your body because they really have no right to be in your body
  • More healthy fats. To get faster results, it is recommended to take more healthy fats
  • Try to make meal scheduling. It is best to make a schedule for your meal. The first meal should be between 11 am to 1 pm and take the last one before 7-8pm.
  • Try to get quality sleep along with simple workouts. If you are on Pruvit Keto OS and want to get results fast, try to get quality sleep along with simple workouts. Do this on a regular basis to get the most out of these supplements.

Does Keto OS really work?

Does Pruvit Keto Works

If you are among the people who are starting out or struggling with weight loss, Pruvit Keto OS is the perfect product for you. This is the best supplement which slowly eases into refining your nutritional keto.

It is also perfect for those who are facing trouble in finding the energy to boost themselves as this product delivers you insulin free energy which lasts for hours.

It really is an amazing product due to several reasons as you can gain a number of benefits from this product. Some of the core benefits are fast sustained energy, fat loss, cognitive functioning, improved blood pressure and reducing chronic inflammation.

There are a lot of research articles that are backing up the claims of the product and as far as my experience is concerned, it really improves my overall lifestyle.

I am not the person who gets impressed by the marketing but I am the one who likes to do proper research. After doing proper research and conducting a number of tests for the past several months, now I can say that I am so happy that I tried this product because now I love it.

From where to buy Pruvit Keto OS?


Last but not least, you should buy this product from verified stores. Keto OS is available at numerous stores including Amazon but from there, you have to pay a premium. It is recommended to buy this product from good stores so that you will get the authentic product. You don’t want a product which will not only dig a hole into your pocket but also at the end of the day, wastes your time. So, do proper research before buying it.


  • Faster weight-loss
  • Improved Metanolism
  • Better Mental Health


  • Not for people with light stomachs
  • A little overpriced

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