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Supplements You Should Take While You’re on Keto Diet

It doesn’t really depend on the diet but it is the motivation which lacks as research suggests that people tried more keto supplements than the pair of shoes. The reason is that they want results urgently.

If you want my personal opinion about the best diet I have tried so far, then without any doubt, the ketogenic diet is at the top slot because of its best results. But to get the desired results, you have to follow the guidelines carefully.

When you ask me about my first time, it was not an easy job for me to get in ketosis and stay. But as time passes, I got plenty of success using this keto diet supplement. The reason I tried this supplement was that in the market, everyone was talking about getting their desired results and it made me curious to try out these supplements.

You will not find any issue in filling all kind of nutritional gaps with ingredients like phosphorus and calcium which will provide a boost to the minerals in your body. When you take electrolyte supplements, they will provide necessary salts like potassium.

But you have to be very careful about the carbohydrates when it comes to protein, ketone, and pre-workout boosters. The process I choose was to seek help from dieters along with nutritionists to suggest me the best available products in the market.

Because of their help, I can assure you, if the supplement carries the following ingredients, it will definitely provide you the best results.

While supplements are a not approved generally in the overall community, but while on the keto diet the body requires some extensive vitamins and proteins. The body needs them to function in its peak condition and when on keto diet they are very easily ignored and forgotten. Keeping a track of them is also another big hassle so, that’s why taking these exogenous supplements is good idea.

Top 14 Best Keto Supplements:

Best Keto Supplements

The first reaction you will get from a person who is on keto is, IT’S AMAZING! But when you search deeply, you will notice that people are getting their desired results very fast but they are facing some issues like low energy, keto flu along with other nutrient deficiencies.

It is not compulsory to use keto supplements while you are on a keto diet, but they will make things much easier when you take them when you are on a keto diet. But you have to choose the best one according to your desired results. So after proper research with the help of experts, we have made a list of 14 best supplements which will give you the results of your choice when you add them to your daily routine.

You will not face any sort of issues in adding most of these with the help of natural ingredients while the rest can be added after making certain changes to your daily carbs limit. The following list contains top slot boosters so that you can understand their working principle and as a result, you will select the best one for you.

Here are some of the best keto supplements we recommend to take while on the keto diet:-

Exogenous Ketones

Sodium & Potassium (Electrolytes)


Fish Oil

ECA Stack



Carnitine (in L or Acetyl-L-form)

Vitamin D



Hydroxymethylbutyrate (HMB)

Chromium and Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)

1. Exogenous Ketones

The main purpose of any keto diet is to put your body into ketosis. Other than the hard work, the best and fastest way to get into ketosis state is via exogenous ketones. These are based on BHB salts and a number of dieters take them to get into ketosis faster and overcome any sort of errors.

These exogenous ketones not only control your appetite but also boosts your performance. Other than that, they also provide positive signs to your brain health.

You will easily increase your stamina and boost your energy levels when you take one scoop of keto supplement.



It also improves your daily workout and you will feel energized throughout the day.

2. Sodium and Potassium (Electrolytes)

Your body will go through adjustment phases in the first one or two weeks and you will lose electrolytes because the water of your body will shed. The core reason for this issue is that your body will have to get rid of all glycogen reserves before entering into full ketosis.

As glycogen binds to three parts of water, a number of people lead to hydration because they don’t it too seriously. As a result, you will have a decrease in energy levels along with headaches and cramps. The best way to counter these issues is to use electrolytes.

The fastest and the simplest way is to add table salt and for the potassium, you have several options such as leafy greens, nuts, and avocados.

Sodium and Potassium  Electrolytes


You have to keep in mind to use such keto supplements which will provide a boost to the electrolytes.

3. Fish oil

It is the supplement which deserves to be at the top slot due to plenty of advantages. It is easily available in the market and you will face no hurdle in adding it in your daily diet.

It contains omega-3 fatty acids which are considered best for protecting the brain. It also fights the fat molecules in the blood along with inflammation. As a result, it helps you staying ketosis and also prevent heart diseases.

When you are on keto, your body will make a lot of omega-6 fatty acids so, increase onega3-fatty acids intake so that it will resolve all these problems. It also has a number of other health benefits.

Studies suggest that the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 should be 4:1. But when you talk about most of the western countries, the ratio is 16:1 which is very much high.

You can tackle this issue with several options such as eating salmon, avocado, and a number of other foods but the best and fastest way to do it is with the help of keto supplement. This will counter these issues and will provide a number of benefits to your body.

Fish Oil


Fish oil is very helpful for people in ketosis. It helps in keeping the appetite under control and boost physical performance.

4. MCT oil

MCT Oil is considered as the duct tape of Keto world because it holds just everything together and deliver you best results and makes your life easier.

The list of MCT Oils is very long because they are absorbed by your body easily. Some of the benefits include higher ketone levels, boost in energy and providing control over food cravings.

All of the above benefits result in better weight loss and using them are also very simple. You have several options such as shake, smoothie and much more. If you are in a hurry and don’t have time but you want to give a boost to your energy levels, you also have the option to take a spoonful of it directly with the water.



If you are the person who can’t control the food cravings, then this supplement is the perfect choice for you as it will help you minimize these issues.

5. ECA stack

To reduce short term fat, along with an increase in metabolism and reduce short term fat, nothing can beat ECA stack. It is the perfect way to get all these benefits and it also provides a great boost to your energy levels.

It is a product which is only for enthusiasts so before taking it, consult with your doctor as it is not for those who are facing cardiac issues. People have an idea about caffeine as well as aspirin but when you talk about ephedrine, it is a fresh addition for the keto users.



The basic reason behind adding this ingredient is to increases the amount of fat available which will turn into energy.

6. Glutamine

Are you a gym enthusiast who wants to reach the top level? If yes, glutamine is the supplement which should be in your supplement list because of its several advantages. The amino acid is present in it which acts as an antioxidant and increases your performance.

When you kick the keto diet plan, you are not getting enough antioxidants because of limiting carbohydrates. This results in less energy and your performance in the gym will decrease. The fastest and most convenient way to counter this issue is via Glutamine.

Glutamine Supplement


Glutamine delivers you a boost in energy and cuts your recovery time and as a result, you will have more productive workouts.

7. Magnesium

Another electrolyte having a lot of advantages which ketoers are not getting in enough amount? Some top advantages include higher energy levels and regulating blood sugar levels. Clarity of mind is another big advantage as it regulates mental function.

It is best to monitor your diet because a lot of people faces magnesium deficiency while on a keto diet.If you are not getting enough magnesium from your daily diet, the best way is to get it from keto supplements. It is recommended to take 200-400 mg of magnesium per day to get rid of headaches, fatigue or even cramps.

Magnesium electrolyte


Magnesium helps in getting rid of all kinds of headaches, stomach cramps and body fatigues.

8. Carnitine in L OR Acetyl-L-Form

Carnitine is available in the market in more than one form and one is considered as best for keto but both of them have a lot of benefits. You can take both of them at the same time without fearing of any negative effects.

If you want to get a metabolic boost, use L-carnitine which helps metabolize fat. It is considered best for losing weight as it turns stored fat into fuel.

Whereas the L-carnitine is a general supplement which provides positive effects on your brain.

Carnitine in L OR Acetyl-L-Form


Carnitine in L will help you metabolize fats faster and better without any negative side effects.

9. Vitamin D

It is the nutrient which a number of people are not getting in enough quantity. This supplement helps in cell growth and also makes your bones strong.

The best source of getting vitamin D is via the sun but it is also available in some of the food as well. It is recommended to take vitamin D no matter if you are on keto or not due to its numerous advantages. You can get a lot of supplements available in the market to overcome vitamin D issues.

Vitamin D


Vitamin D makes sure that your immune systems work on point. This means that you have less chances of catching a a cold.

10. Digestive Enzymes

A number of people form some issues like nausea. You can experience some digestive issues when you start keto and to counter them, the best way to do is via keto digestive supplements. You should take supplements which contains protease and lipase.

Reducing levels of stomach related catalysts are the regular reason for bad processing and digestiong. What’s more, a lopsidedness in intestinal microscopic organisms causes supplement malabsorption, while likewise activating irritation and sustenance sensitivities.

Digestive Enzymes Supplement


Digestive Enzymes improve your metabolic system and rid you of any digestive issues.

11. Creatine

To boost your performance in the gym and get bigger muscles, creatine is the best option for you. It provides you weight loss along with increasing the endurance of your body. The best way to get your required results is via keto supplements.

Creatine Supplement


These supplements will strengthen your muscles and increases your stamina as well.

12. Tribulus

This is a supplement which usually uses by the males to provide a boost to their testosterone levels. It is not a compulsory supplement but you can use it to achieve the best results.

Tribulus Supplement


Tribulus can significantly boost testosterone levels. It also increases lean mass growth and stamina.

13. Hydroxymethylbutyrate (HMB)

When you are fighting against the fatigue and muscle wasting, HMB is considered as the best ally to be on your side. The first week of keto is not an easy job especially when you are doing workouts.

This supplement will help you in taking your workout levels to new heights along with preventing the breakdown of your muscles. Don’t mix these with BHB salts as they are entirely different.

Hydroxymethylbutyrate Supplement


HMB is made for professional mass gainers and can be very helpful to the average people if they take it in small doses.

14. Chromium and alpha lipoic acid (ALA)

Chromium and Alpha Lipoic Acid gives assistance in utilizing glucose in the blood.

Glucose is put away in the body which it utilizes as a fuel.When you boost your admission of these two cell reinforcements, it expands the rate to consume calories and gets you into ketosis much quicker.

ALA is an enhancement that demonstrates that it will help secure the mitochondria in your cells and lifts your insulin affectability.

Chromium and alpha lipoic acid


An excellent booster of metabolism. It clears out the digestive system of all the glucose and glycogen, making it ideal for ketosis.

The Bottom Line

Improving your wellbeing and life isn’t a simple undertaking since you need to get full ketosis. I am doing this for as long as five years and subsequent to picking up so much experience, Regardless, I can’t get into full ketosis without the assistance of keto diet supplements.

These enhancements are more than accommodating with the keto cycles and as a result of it, I found plenty of items that help you accelerate the enlistment stage and you will get your wellness objectives quicker than ever before. Since I have worked with many individuals in these 5 years, who are new just as experienced, and it truly helped me a ton in understanding the central reasons which make an item extraordinary.

Subsequent to experiencing a lot of tests, I have made a rundown of the best keto supplements. Every one of these items is demonstrated and we share every one of the outcomes on this site. Regardless of whether you are needing a natural MCT oil or need to have some protein and nutrient lift, you will discover something on this site which will suit your particular needs.

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